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Hurricane Season is around the corner - June 1st - Dec 1st- It's time to shore up your policy!

In the past several years, some of the Florida  homeowners carriers have changed their policy language to exclude hurricane coverage for pool cages and screen rooms within the basic contract. They offer the extra protection by adding a  special "screen endorsement".  Yes, carriers did send you notification with your renewal and outlined the changes. But, like any "fine print" many of our customers may have skipped over the special notice or may not have had a screen room at the time and subsequently added one.

As your agent, we want to make sure you do not find yourself "surprised" to find out you did not have the proper coverage.   That's where we come in. .. just give us a call and we will double check your policy to make sure your screen room, or pool cage protection is on your specific homeowners contract.

Flood Insurance Alert!

We are reaching out to all homeowners encouraging the purchase of flood insurance even in "non flood" areas.  The government is currently undergoing a re-mapping project and many homes that are now in "non flood" zones are being moved to "flood zones". The rezoning is causing increase rates. If you buy a flood policy now while your home is in a "non flood" zone, you will be grandfathered in with the preferred rates.

Flooding is America’s most common natural disaster, yet many homeowners are unprotected as no homeowner contract covers flood claims.
Even a small flood could cost you thousands of dollars. As little as two inches of water can cause devastating damage to your home, and homeowners insurance won’t cover it.

Flood insurance costs less than you think: On average, homeowners can insure their home and its contents for $450 per year in the preferred pricing program. Call us at  407-877-6110 to get started today.