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Welcome to Abney Insurance

Accidents can be life-changing in the worst ways. To mitigate their potential impact on your life, you must take precautionary measures. The best precautionary measure you can take is purchasing insurance.

Here at Abney Insurance, we have the coverage that Florida residents will need to stay protected in any situation. Whether you’re based in Oakland, FL or a different part of the Sunshine State, we are confident that we can meet your insurance-related needs.

Secure Your Home Using Our Policies

Your place of residence is something you must secure to avoid disaster in the event of an accident. We can help you achieve precisely that.

Purchase one of our home insurance policies and customize it to suit your property’s specific needs. Get the exact type of coverage that will protect you from hazards known to strike in your area. Supplement your existing coverage by also buying flood insurance.

With those policies in hand, you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are always protected.

Are you renting out a condominium or apartment unit? In that case, your landlord may require you to purchase renter’s insurance. You can also get that plan from us.

Purchase Protection for All Your Vehicles

Insuring your vehicles is also a must. By working with us, you can purchase all the policies you need for your cars in one go.

We provide comprehensive auto, RV, motorcycle, and boat insurance plans. We can also secure specialty vehicles if you have a classic car in your garage.

Additional Plans to Round Out Your Coverage

In addition to the policies we already mentioned, we also have additional plans that can prove immensely valuable.

Pick up a commercial insurance plan to safeguard your business or an umbrella plan with extended coverage to make you feel more secure.

Insurance can benefit others too. Buying life insurance allows you to provide a safety net for your family. Their financial future is secure as long as you have a policy.

Our goal here at Abney Insurance is to provide all Florida residents with the comprehensive coverage they desire. Visit our Oakland, FL location to learn more about the policies we offer.