RV Insurance in Florida

Owning an RV is a great way to travel economically and see the country. Today, more and more people are even opting to live in their RVs. Abney Insurance, serving Oakland, FL, is here to ensure you have the best RV insurance coverage. Keep reading to learn more about RV insurance in Florida.

Can I Use Auto Insurance for My RV?

An RV usually requires a particular RV insurance policy. There may be some instances where a standard auto policy would be considered legal, but this is not the most efficient or effective way to insure your RV. An RV is a very different type of vehicle requiring unique insurance.

What Will an RV Policy Cover?

An RV policy is very similar to an auto policy because it will provide coverage if the RV is in an accident. The policy would cover the other driver's expenses if the accident were your fault. Full coverage will also offer coverage for damage to your RV or any injuries you may incur.

In addition to this, an RV policy can also provide coverage for your personal belongings that may be traveling with you.

What If I Live in My RV?

If you live in your RV, you want to talk with an insurance representative to discuss the right policy for your situation. Special insurance regulations may apply when an RV is used as a primary residence.

If you want to learn more about RV insurance or other insurance products, don't hesitate to contact us at Abney Insurance serving Oakland, FL, and the surrounding areas. We will happily answer your questions and help you make the best insurance choices for your family.