Classic Car Insurance in Florida

Classic cars require special care, maintenance, and insurance coverage. Because classic cars are valued very differently, insurance coverage must also be determined differently. If you are looking for coverage, the professionals at Abney Insurance, serving Oakland, FL, want to help. Keep reading to learn more about classic car coverage in Florida.

Can I Use Regular Auto Insurance for My Classic Car?

Technically, you can operate a classic car on the road with regular auto insurance. However, a standard auto insurance policy is not sufficient to cover the investment you have made in your vehicle. Using a standard auto policy is not a wise way to protect your investment.

Why Do I Need Classic Car Insurance?

Classic vehicles are not valued the same as regular vehicles. Classic vehicles have had extensive work done, and a lot of time and money has been invested. Classic car owners want this investment reflected in the value of the vehicle. It would help if you also considered the vehicle's value as a collectible.

A regular auto policy will value a vehicle based on year, make, and model. This is not a fair way to value a classic.

How Is Classic Car Insurance Different?

If you need insurance coverage for a classic car, you will speak with an insurance representative. This professional will create a value for the vehicle that considers the work done, the money invested, and the vehicle's value in the collectible market. A special policy will be created.

What If I Don't Get Classic Insurance?

If you choose to have your vehicle covered under a standard auto policy, you could lose money on your investment if the vehicle is damaged or lost.

If you want to learn more about classic car insurance or any of our other insurance products, don't hesitate to contact us at Abney Insurance, serving Oakland, FL, and the surrounding areas.