Biggest Dangers on the Road for Modern Drivers

Each year, more than five million car accidents occur in the United States. If you spend a lot of time on the road, there’s a good chance that you could end up in a wreck at some point. If you have the right auto insurance plans, however, the damage might be covered. Either way, it’s still important to understand the dangers modern drivers face. If you live in or near Winter Garden, FL, contact Abney Insurance to explore auto insurance policy options.

Biggest Dangers on the Road for Modern Drivers

Other Drivers

There’s no way around it: other drivers are a major risk. You can be the perfect driver, always following the law and driving defensively. Yet if another driver breaks the law or is reckless, they could hit you. Further, these days you also have to worry about AI drivers. While in theory, people are always supposed to be in control, some drivers are letting AI take over.

The Weather

Bad weather can cause many different issues. Rain can reduce visibility and make the roads more slippery. Ice can cause people to lose control of their vehicle. When driving in poor weather, it’s best to take things slow.

Road Debris

While local authorities may work to keep roads clear, the simple fact is that there are so many miles of road that it’s hard to keep everything clear. Among other things, road debris, such as broken-off car parts and nails, can pop tires and cause people to lose control. Make sure you always keep an eye out for debris on the roads.

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