Types of Liability Coverage You Need in Your Auto Policy

When you own a vehicle, it’s essential that you have an auto insurance policy. Your vehicle lender requires it, and the state requires it. Several coverage types can be included in an auto policy, and two of them are types of liability coverage. It’s essential for many reasons to have liability coverage. It’s crucial for your financial future and those on the road around you who may end up in an accident with you. While getting liability coverage is the minimum type of coverage you need, you should also have other types, such as collision and comprehensive coverage. Call us at Abney Insurance in Winter Garden, FL, for an auto policy.

Property Damage Liability 

This required type of coverage pays for the repairs needed to someone else’s property after you cause an accident that damages that property. Typically, this coverage pays for someone else’s car repairs after you have an accident with them. However, it can pay for other types of property damage as well. If your vehicle ends up on someone else’s property, this coverage can pay for damaged landscaping or damage done to a building. 

Bodily Injury Liability 

This type of liability pays for the bodily harm that is caused to someone else after they’re in an accident with you. This can be another driver, a pedestrian, etc. When you’re found at fault for an accident, paying the medical bills that come from it is your responsibility. Medical bills can be extremely high, even when injuries aren’t that bad, so it’s never a good idea to go without this coverage.  

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